Question Scanline artifacts at lower refresh rates on a 144hz IPS monitor

Sep 21, 2021
I recently got myself an AOC 24G2, really great monitor for the price with superb colors. But I have noticed while playing a couple games with FreeSync turned on that in certain images with grayish colors I get scanline artifacts, basically faint dark lines slowly moving from top to the bottom of my screen and on darker tones it just ends up looking like a grainy image effect, you can only really see it if you look for it. I was intrigued because while consuming other media I could never replicate this effect, until I realized after changing my refresh rate to 60hz that it only occurs within the range of 60-100hz, hence why it was only happening when I was using FreeSync (the game would run around the 60-100 fps range and consequentially causing my monitor to be around that problematic refresh range). I was thinking it might have been a cable issue but I tried a crappy HDMI cable instead of the DisplayPort and the artifacts were still there, maybe if I buy a better quality DisplayPort this could solve the issue?
Is this something that occurs with these kinds of monitors? I've heard about people getting it on 144hz TN or VA panels when they run it at their max refresh rate, but mine is an IPS and it has the opposite effect since mine is perfect at 144hz and starts getting worse the lower the refresh rate. I'm thinking about returning the monitor but I'm not sure if it's worth it, given this might be a common issue with this panel and I could get a worse one.