Question Sceptre c24 23" 75hz monitor issues. (Sound/picture quality)


Nov 20, 2016
I created an account here many years ago. Just logged back in. Built my first gaming rig. I'll list the specs below in case a question about actual set up within the rig comes.

Coolermaster q300l case(air flow is surprisingly good)
Asrock b450m pro4 mobo
AMD ryzen 5 2600x
Corsair vengeance lpx 3200mhz memory 16gb
Zotac gtx 1070 mini 8gb gpu
One wd blue 500gb m.2 sata 3 ssd, and one samsung evo 1Tb nvme m.2 ssd for storage
Corsair cx750m psu
3 140mm case fans, 120mm chassis fan replaced with a 2000 rpm 120mm fan for better exhaust. Psu is mounted upside down to isolate its air flow from case airflow.

I did everything by the book with this build and it fired up first touch of the power button. Air flow is good. GPU never climbs above 68°C under 100% load. So everything is good right? Mission accomplished.

Sadly no. The only 2 issues have to do with audio and screen coloring. I coupled it all with a sceptre c24 23inch 75hz refresh rate monitor. And its damn good monitor for the money. But for the life of me I cannot get the colors to correct. Even when I'm manually moving gamma, hue, and contrast and get the colors to look what I think is correct, as soon as I go to YouTube or somewhere else the reds tend to have a pink hue to them. And the black colors seem to be somewhat washed out. I have spent hours trying to get the picture settings tweaked just right through Nvidia control panel. Nothing has worked so far. Or to the point I can honestly say the pictures colors are exactly what they should be. Any ideas on what I can do? When I reset to default the colors revert back to specific settings but the colors are all screwed up. They are showing but almost like the hue isnt right.

Second question, audio. The q300l comes with a mic and headphone jack on the front. Which doesnt help me with a 2 in 1 headset. So instead of buying a splitter I decided to upgrade to a new headset and go usb. However when I am sending the audio output to my sceptre, even at 100 percent volume the volume level is super low. And same thing when I plug in my headset to either the monitor or the headphone audio out port on the front of the q300l, audio is not nearly loud enough and the quality is pretty underwhelming. I'm an electrical technician but I'm no computer electronic guru. So for those of you who are, what am I doing wrong here? I assume the audio comes from the motherboard, seeing as the front I/O connections go straight to the motherboard. I've checked multiple times to see if the drivers needed an update, nothing. Is there something I can do within the bios or in windows to make my audio actually sound like what I would expect from a set up like this? To reference my dell gaming laptop I retired for this rig, had blasting audio and good quality. It's more than 6 years old now. Am I really to understand that my audio capabilities with this gaming rig are that subpar to a 6 year old gaming laptop? Or am I just an idiot?

Sorry this is long. Thanks for taking the time to read, hope I gave enough information.