Schooling Laptop Recommendations


Jul 8, 2012
Hey guys Im starting to shop around for my schooling stuff for next year, as it will be my first year of university and away from home. I already have a kick ass gaming pc that im bringing with me and that i plan to us for most of my school work, but what i still need is a laptop to take notes on. Now for the laptop i really dont need an i7 overkill pc, im looking more for of a laptop just able to do microsoft word, the internet, and itunes at the same time type of multitasking. Furthermore i don't really need a big hdd either or alot of ram. I am really looking for a good battery life and a high quality screen (as well as just an overall high quality laptop.) My budget would be 500 ft tax (american btw.) But i would really like to spend less than that tbh. Thanks guys, any input would be great.

Btw Im going into business, so don't worry about video rendering or anything like that :p Think docx. and spreedsheets.

Im thinking like:
I3 (maybe still overkill, input please)
4gb ram
320gb hdd
Screen Size?
OS: Windows



Honestly, just take notes on paper would be my recommendation. If you will have a desktop in your room, a laptop is a waste of money and will just become a distraction in class. I've tried it and what happens is you take notes and then the second your mind starts to wander you are on facebook chatting with girls, etc. You will learn more without it.

If you simply must get a laptop, just look for something on sale. There are always dual core Celeron or AMD A6/A8 laptops for $400 or so that are pretty nice. ANything with dual or quad core, 4GB of RAM and any hard drive will be fine. 15" is nice to work on, but it makes a heavier system. I'd probably want a 12-13" to lug around campus.

Think about what I said, though, you don't need it.



im with twelve on this. if you have a desktop you wont need a laptop. take it from someone who went through five years and two engineering degrees and never once needed a laptop in class. i see people using laptops in class and those are the ones getting c's,d's, and f's. plus like twelve said its just a huge distraction that you really dont need. you will take better more thorough notes on paper.

but if you insisted on a laptop id highly recommended a 13-14 inch ultrabook. whatever you do, DO NOT get anything BUT an ultrabook. these are great for all the right reasons; small, thin, lightweight, and powerful enough to do anything but game.