Though as a Republican, I am still expected more in the Presidents performance here's my scorecard.

I recorded 23 identifiable questions. Same rules 10 points to the best answer, a lesser number to the opponent. I did penalize Senator Kerry for his "Dick Cheney's daughter" answer. Is this guy a complete knucklehead or what? Even gays and lesbians don't appreciate that kind of below the belt jab. It was not a good response to begin with. Is he really presidential material? Of course not.

Bush 220 Kerry 201.

Bush was simply better with facts and more focused, despite the awkward delivery.

The pundits saw it "Kerry on defense. I really didn't. He was plenty offensive. Bush just trumped his tired facts in too many places.

Kerry recycled too many criticisms from debates one and two. He didn't bring any fresh material, he has no pheasable plan. That allowed Bush to counter him effectively even if awkwardly at times.

I really did not like Kerry conveniently losing his cultivated upper class accent and using the word "ID- er" four times ala JFK I (That's "The First" for those children left behind by previous Administrations.).

That was gauche.

BTW- my some of my pathlology is much more similar to Kerry's than Bush's. We both attended private Catholic Schools and I symathixe with some points. But my parents weren't diplomats, and the Ivy League was not in the offering.

And as everyone I'm sure knows, I still ain't no diplomat.

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