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Question Scratched motherboard trace

Jul 13, 2020
Hello guys, Yesterday I was mounting CPU cooler when accidentally scratched one of the trace which is near CPU socket, (scratched by screwdriver),

Please to check attached photo, I checked the scratched area carefully (not an expert) but maybe trace (wire) copper itself is not damaged right? I'm not entirely sure how to tell if it's actually been damaged significantly or not..

Photo: View: https://imgur.com/tZu46iy

I assembled everything and turned on PC and everything works as intended, what will be your thoughts, if the trace is cut/damaged then there must be problems right?

Motherboard is: Asrock X570, Pro 4 https://www.asrock.com/MB/AMD/X570 Pro4/index.asp

P.S copper, wire itself is more deep in PCB right? and there is still good chance that scratch is not deep enough to damage wire? also Motherboard manufacturing website says: 2oz Copper PCB.

Thank you,
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