Question Screen become black but the fan and Led is running after BIOs downgrade Acer SP314-51 laptop

Sep 17, 2019
Hi, my laptop's screen turns black after I wrongly downgrade my bios. It went blank during the update. So, I hold the power button to shutdown then turn on again. The next thing i knew is the black screen. I've already tried to unplug the battery and ac and press the power button for 60secs, even tried replacing the CMOS battery but none of those work, and the bootable USB with my bios on that too, but it not working.

Mine is Acer SP314-51 with Windows 10.


Updating (or downgrading) BIOS isn't something you can do on a whim. BIOS update/downgrade, as such, is only viable when you know for a fact that newer/older BIOS fixes the specific issue you have with your PC. (E.g if i want to use Kaby Lake CPU with my Z170 chipset MoBo, i need to update my MoBo BIOS.) If there are no issues, there is no reason whatsoever to update BIOS. Just because you "can" update BIOS doesn't mean that you "have to".

Most MoBos never get their BIOS updated and work fine until they are obsolete. Also, do note that when BIOS update would be interrupted for whatever reason (e.g power loss), your MoBo will be bricked and only fix is MoBo replacement.

That being said, what you're currently looking at is essentially a new laptop, or expensive repair bill if you haul it to local PC repair store (for MoBo replacement).

This is what i call a life's tax.