Question Screen black after memory change

Oct 26, 2021
I have the problem that when I change ram my screen goes black, everything's working but I can't get into bios. That every time I change rams after 3 or 4 times of restarting some text appears that pc does secure boot and i should press f1 to load bios setup... When I am than in bios the ram is working. Can anyone tell me why this happens and is it normal? That happen even if I unplug the ram and plug it in again. Than I got another problem I bought 3200mhz ram for my prime z 270k board and it caused some kind of input lag in mouse and keyboard while gaming. That's the reason why pluged in the old 2133 MHz ram again... I found out something differnt
When I plug in the ripjaws bios loads them with 2133 MHz instead of cpu and motherboard supported 2400mhz can somebody explain this
CPU 7700k
Mainboard Asus prime z 270k
Ram old hyper x 2133 MHz 2x8 CL 14
Ram new gskill rijaw 3200 CL 16 18 18 36
Gpu 1070ti gigabit gaming
Drives corsair mb 600 pcie
Samsung 870 Evo sata
And a 1 tb hdd don't know th namr right now
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