Question Screen blackouts followed by GPU clock dropping all the way to ~350MHz, w/ ~400MHz on the Mem Clock, followed by crash

Aug 22, 2021
Over the last few weeks I've had the same crash on 2 different games, one on Epic, and one on Steam; Warframe is over a decade old. I have been in event viewer and thought I narrowed it down to Error Event ID 14 (which seemed to be something interacting with Corsair's ICUE lighting software, getting it to change lighting on the GPU, which isn't possible) and with the app's plugins disabled I no longer get the error.. (I was also told that error is caused by poor driver or incompatible install..?) My keyboard lighting is still doing a slightly dimmed flicker occasionally when things load. It shouldn't.. I am definitely up to date - even got the free updater AVG trial. I ran AVGs virus scan (not just the basic one), I ran the windows memory diagnostic tool on the extensive settings and detected no errors. I have a list of the other Event Viewer errors and have looked them up..

I can prevent total crash by restarting my computer after I see the clocks drop, game crashes though.

My PC specs:



AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (6,12 @ 3600default)

Ram: 2x8GB of Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 @3200

I overclock. On startup my CPU starts in precision boost overdrive @~4150 as it is very happy to have an AIO Liquid cooler (that default set itself one day.. I can't change it lol). I set it to either 3900 which is extremely stable, or 4150 (which is still very stable; sometimes I get an auto-restart when I switch but such is overclocking). My temps look a bit spikey up at 4150 but we're talking about 40-68 Celsius here. at 3900 it is flat 32 degrees.

My GPU normally runs at 1605MHz with 7000MHz on the Mem Clock. Runs around 44 Degrees. Compared to my identically graphic card wielding friend, mine is rather overclockable @ 2000MHz base clock and I think around 2100-2150 with the boost and I get a 90% certainty (a video said 75% is the best you get lol).. but I haven't run my big overclock settings since the first crash. I only get +150ish on my mem clock, but I only push it +114 for overclock. If temps exceed 80 I change my settings for that game, few things run that hot though and my temps are on screen at all times.

I have had the identical looking crash with all combinations of overclocked or not. My most recent crash, on Warframe I had settings on low, GPU temps were below 60; identical crash.

Until this, other than some overclock restarts I can't even remember the last time something crashed. I think never. How do I fix this? Any help is appreciated, thanks!