screen cuts out and restart needed, why??!!


Feb 27, 2004
i just built a new system from parts i bought from newegg.


abit IC7-G motherboard
P4C 3.0 @ 3.3 processor
mushkin 1024 (512x2) PC3500 CL2-3-3 ram
antec SLK3700BQE case /w 350w PS
samsung 160gb 7200 /w 8mb cache HD
ATI AIW raedon 9800pro

heres the problem. when i first put it together, the video was defective. i used an old nvidia for a while until the new card came back. when i got the new card i uninstalled nvidia drivers and installed the aiw 9800. with included drivers, the tv tuner did not work at all. after some tech support and installing the newest drivers, the tv tuner then began to work, but in the tech support process, i was emailed an additional patch and installed it. the day after the tuner started working i had a weird glitch where the computer paused for a minute and then the screen cut out compleatly. the sound from the tv was still playing, but i dont think the computer was responding because i tried to put it into sleep from the keyboard but nothing happened. since then its been doing it on an increasingly regular basis of at least once a day, and i only use my computer for an hour or 2 a day. whats wrong??? someone help please!!!!


Sounds like crashing, maybe due to heat.

Did you put a couple case fans in there?

What does the BIOS say your case/CPU tems are running at?

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Oct 29, 2002
why dont you call those tech support guys back?

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Aug 4, 2001
i have a similar problem, but to a lesser extent.

After playing a game for an extended period of time or just doing extencive work My monitor will cut out as well.

My internet streaming music continues most of the time, Sometimes it pauses on a note for a few seconds and then crashes with everthing else, however my keyboard sometimes works, and i can manage a restart but eather Alt+ctrl+Del or windows key, up, right, enter. but that only works sometimes....... But its pointless...nothing happens... still no montor and it doen't make it to windows. it stops somewhere.

the only thing i can atribute it too was over heating. i since cleared up some of the clutter around the machine to help, and there have been less crashes, it seams, but i haven't been pressing the computer as much lately eather.

at times it feals like its a driver issue... im still confused about it myself.


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Things that "feel" like driver issues are cooling/psu issues 80% of the time. Or at least that's been my experience.

To test the system for poor case ventilation, run the beast with the side panel entirely off of the CPU case, and point a common house fan at the motherboard.
Then run your computer hard and see if it glitches up again.

If it doesn't, your case ventilation needs help. Buy a couple of case fans from your local computer store and start from there... every computer in the world should have at least one fan forcing air in on the front of the case, and one fan forcing air out below the PSU in the back of the case.

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