Question Screen fading to black with stuck pixels across the entire screen ?

Jan 21, 2023

So today when I switched on my machine, the monitor was working and suddenly faded to black with various colours being displayed randomly, when I drag a window on the monitor the pixels proceed to change colour so I dont believe its a dead pixel issue but I have no actual idea or knowledge in this so any help will be much apprieciated.

I have tried updating drivers, rolling back drivers, jscreenfix , change power consumption, display hz, the wire of my other display which is working fine and also different hdmi port on PC with no success.

The monitor is an MSI Optix MAG241CP which was working perfectly before I switched my machine on today.

I have came to the conclusion that I will need to be purchasing a new monitor but if this is fixable I would much prefer that to save the pennies :)

Thanks in advance