Question screen flashes black for a split second at random times

Feb 4, 2021
I built myself a new computer and it worked perfectly fine for a few weeks. Recently (few days) i have noticed that my screen flashes black for a split second. This happens pretty rarely (about 5 times a day). It happenes to both of my monitors but not at the same time. I suspect that it's not a monitor issue because I've used these monitors for a long time with my old pc without issues. I don't lose control of any other devices. I have tried disabling g-sync but nothing changed.

Specs: Zotac 3070 twin edge oc. drivers: 461.40
Ryzen 5 5600x
16gb corsair ram
B550-a motherboard
Rm750x psu
Monitor: 24g2u
My old gpu was a 970 if that makes any difference.

Some information of when it occurs:
  • It has never happened when I'm fullscreen in a game. But in all other scenarios it has happened.
The only changes I've done to my build in the last few days (before the problem started occuring) are:
  • Using 2 psu cables to my gpu instead of 1
  • Installed microsoft teams
If there are any questions, i will be active. Thanks in advance!