Question Screen flashing black ?

Jan 17, 2023
i have this issue with my pc
When i 'am scrolling with central wheel of my mouse, in situation like facebook or similar, (so when i keep scrolling for a while,) now and then the screen turns black, like a quick flash
I have 2 screens, and only the monitor where I'm working flashes.
This happened with my old pc, and also happen with my new pc, recently built.

Since from old pc i kept the psu, i thought that it might be psu related. SO i change the coolermaster 700w with a new coolermaster 750w
But issue is still there, it seems doing in a little bit different way, may be quicker, but still there.
When i scroll , now and then black flash
Also mouse and keyboard are the may be the mouse??

My hardware is
asus b550 plus
ryzen 7 3700x
2x16gb ram
gtx 1070
1 tb nvme
6 tb sata
external focusrite scarlet usb audiocard
external usb speaker

thanks for helping