Question Screen flicker, black for seconds or signals go away and says "off-screen" ?

May 29, 2021
it happens on both of my screens (benq gl2580h connected with a hdmi) and a small tv connected with hdmi.
i tried changing hdmi, tried unistall drivers with ddu and reinstalling them, i tried to format my whole pc windows and it didnt work. i tried to even change os and go on ubuntu but still happen.
the screen goes black randomly, sometimes for just a second sometimes for few seconds or can even just go black and say "off-screen" and i need to wait maybe like 1-2 minutes or take hdmi and put it back and sometimes it work.
it happens on games, google, firefox, or even in idle with just discord open.
I5 3550
GTX 1050 LP
8gb ram (2x2gb+4gb)
psu(its a prebuilt psu in a toshiba but it does have enough power to power this i am preety sure)
ssd 128gb
hdd 500gb