Question Screen Flicker with RTX 3080 ?

Anyone else have this? Got a new to me card and seems pretty stable the flickering really isn't bad to be honest, but figure I would ask. It doesn't do it all the time, just occasionally in games. But even then it seems limited so maybe I'm being nit picky.


Asrock ab350 pro 4
32gb(4x8gb) gskill trident z ddr4 3200mhz
240gb Samsung 960 evo nvme
2 1tb sata ssds
1 2tb sata ssd
Corsair RMX 850x

So I upgraded from a 6700xt to an RTX 3080. Got Christmas money, selling the old card. Bought the 3080 from ebay, the guy said it was used, but was actually a new card pulled from a cyberpower pc. I got it hooked up, seems to function fine. The RGB on the card works, displayport works, latest driver installed, so seems pretty good.

I admittedly did get lazy and plugged in both pigtails from a single line into the card, didn't feel like ripping the other side of my case off and trying to run the extra PCI e power cable. I probably should though. I'm on bios version 7.40 for my board which should be the latest. No overclocking, just PBO enabled. Resizable bar in the bios is enabled.

The display is a Gigabyte M32QC should be this guy below

It does feature AMD Freesync Premium which I did turn on the Gsync capability of the card. Using the same Displayport cable I used with my 6700xt which never had any issues with it. I can always order another as they aren't expensive if that's a possibility.

I did also use DDU, though not using safe mode to remove the AMD drivers after I'd installed the 3080, then rebooted and installed the Nvidia latest drivers.

For the most part things do seem to work. I played on it a few hours tonight and it mostly seems fine but maybe just certain conditions or every once in a while on a loading screen I will see a hint of flickering, but once it's loaded it usually seems fine.

Things I tried were going to the resolution settings in the NVidia control panel and telling it to use Nvidia color settings, which seemed to help quite a bit. It is also seeing that it's a 1440p 165hz display.

Again for the most part things are working wonderfully. The flickering really isn't too noticeable unless you are looking for it, you may not see it. I am probably nitpicky. For the most part I'm enjoying the card thus far. I used Smart Access Memory on the 6700xt with no issues, but could resizable bar cause anything like that on a 3080? I'm assuming that running the extra power cable probably would be a good idea as well. Just thinking through it. Let me know any thoughts. Thanks for the input!
Update: Redid power cables so that I have 2 seperate lines from the PSU to the card. Changed Displayport cable to this.,aps,88&sr=8-3&th=1

Have played around with lowering refresh rate etc, turned off in game overlay in GeForce Experience. Still the same. I'll see if a new driver fixes it. Truth be told it doesn't seem to affect a lot, mainly does it in Mount and Blade Bannerlord in the loading screens but otherwise doesn't seem to affect it. I guess I notice it there because that's what I've played the most lately. Anyway, I'm a tech so those things drive me nutty at times lol. I am being OCD I think.