Question Screen flickering after monitor upgrade ?

Jul 23, 2022
Hello Experts!

So i recently (finally) upgraded my old screen (60hz) to a new screen (240 hz) -Link:
As the title states my issue is that it flickers ..! The history in short:

  • At 240 hz non-stop flickering for roughly 5 seconds then black (but not off -indicating signal but no picture).
  • Adjusted to 230 ->200. At first nothing in windows, but black screen appeared after opening a game (sound was still coming through).
  • After adjusting down from 200 to 140 same issue with flickering at game launch after which it continued flickering despite closing the game.
I have tried different troubleshoots without luck, so hopefully someone has experience that can save me from further hours of searching for ideas to fix it..

Hoping to hear!

CPU: Intel core i7-8700 cpu @ 3.20ghz
GPU: Nvidia geforce rtx 2070
Motherboard: Prime H310M-K
RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2x8GB 2666MHz
PSU: FSP Raider II 750W 88+ Silver

Drivers are all updated, NVIDIA is setup and it's connected with display port. As the cord + screen is new and the display port has not been used before those 3 elements should be working. The previous screen was connected with HDMI.
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Jul 23, 2022
So i have now tried the following steps to improve performance - with the result of reaching 200hz.
Flickering/tearing still occurs when setting the screen to 230/240 hz, so further tips to trouble shoot are much welcome!

Steps taken previously:
  • Download /reinstall relevant drivers for motherboard (product type can be found in msinfo for people having the same issue)
  • Download /reinstall relevant drivers for GPU (updated with NVIDIA geforce experience)
  • Download /reinstall relevant drivers for monitor from AOC website (from product producer)
  • Clean cabinet incl. RAM -sticks
  • Confirming monitor settings
  • Enabling NVIDIA Gsync (can be done in NVIDIA control panel)