Question Screen flickering on new Samsung C24F390 ?

Oct 22, 2021
Hey guys,
I bought today a new screen to replace one of my old ones, I have a setup with two screens.
The new screen is Samsung's c24f390 and it is connected with HDMI to my PC (the same cable and port my old screen was connected with).
The screen keeps flickering, it can happen twice in a few seconds or once a minute, I could not figure a pattern to it.
The flickering happens no matter what is shown on the screen, while my other screen is fine.

I have gtx 1070 for graphics card and I didn't adjust any of the options on the screen.
Here is a I recorded of the problem:

I tried to update drivers and look all over the internet but I could not find a fix for the problem,
Thanks in advance for your help!
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