Question Screen flickers black with 2080ti hdmi under load

Nov 3, 2020
Hi guys, had this problem with my Palit 2080ti for a few months. It seems that in certain games under load, the monitor flickers black every few seconds, as if im pulling out/reseating the cable. At very high loads, it doesn't want to display a signal at all/periods of black screen are longer or more frequent.

Here are the specs:
  • i5 9600k
  • Palit 2080ti
  • ASUS prime Z390-P motherboard
  • Corsair 750w PSU
  • 32gb ram
  • 2tb ssd
  • LG CX 4k OLED 120hz TV
So I've tried trouble shooting by:

  • Using a 1080p 60hz monitor. Problem still occurs on demanding games and max settings. Does not on less demanding titles. So I assume its not the monitor/tv
  • Using different cables from cheap ebay ones, to a £60 belkin "2.1 hdmi compatible" running from hdmi/hdmi. Problem does not occur when using a DP/HDMI cable, although output is locked to 4k/60hz, so I've ruled out cables
  • Uninstalling nvidia drivers and running integrated graphics. This was a disaster and windows wouldn't even boot, had to do a system restore (so maybe drivers for IG are a bit wonk)
  • Reinstalling nvidia graphics drivers, or rolling back to previous ones. Problems still exist. Leaning towards a hardware issue now.
  • Using different resolutions 1080p, 1440p. Problem occurs but less at lower framerate. I assume this is due to load.
  • Replacing card with my old 1080ti. Everything works fine no problem.
  • Gsync on or off makes no difference.
I've narrowed it down to either a hardware issue on the card (maybe power delivery or faulty HDMI port, or faulty PSU (although it works in all other situations). But I'm open to anything and maybe I've missed something.

At my wits end, the goal is 4k/120hz 4:2:0 or 1440p/120hz 4:4:4 before I can get my hands on a hdmi 2.1 card to get full fat everything.

Is my card dead? Thanks in advance to everyone.