Question Screen Flickkering issue

Mar 11, 2022
I started noticing screen flickkering l while gaming. when i move my screeen around in the game (world of warcraft)
I see it in several spots. (only time i see it is on World of warcraft other game i play is lost ark but didnt notice it there when playing it earlier)

I only see the screen flickkering on one of my monitors, i swapped hdmi's around on the gpu and the issue swapped to second monitor.
so clearly there's something wrong with my GPU
Or is there anything else could be causing this?
I as well recently installed windows 11.

Also i run like week ago Funmark & temps were fine.

there is thermal paste on the pins next to the GPU core haven't yet managed to buy Alchohol to clean it dunno if thats damaging my GPU in the long terms)

Asus Tfu Rtx 2060 ( has warranty but i sadly have removed the warranty sticker from the screw & changed thermal paste few times.)
Asus Rog strix x570-f
Kingston 32gb DDR4
AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

Edit: Updated some windows 11 update's i had, restarted computer and the Issue came back to my main monitor.
Everything is up to date Drivers & windows 11 etc..

Sfc /scannow & Dimms scans showed nothing
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