Question Screen flicks black for a second before closing almost any application or game out on startup ?

Dec 23, 2020
ok so let me start by saying im at my wits end with trying to find out what is wrong with my pc- im not the smartest guy - please help-

this build is about 2 years old:

Intel i9 9900k
Geoforce RTX 2080 "duke"
EVGA 750Watt PSU
2X 8gig coirsair vengance sticks of ram
Aorus Z390 motherboard
1tb solid state ssd

when i first installed everything i ran realbench and ungine gpu benchmark and everything was tits - running great- ran everything perfect... but now randomly just started yesterday when i try and open any game or almost any program that is even slightly taxing the screen will flick black for a second and then resume but whatever application i had open is now not open- especially when i start any game it never makes it past the loading screen. my monitor flashes black for a second and then the game automatically closes out. sometimes ill open a runescape client and it will run for 5-10 mins but always black screen flick and then close out...

most of the time i get black screen flick off then it closes the app but occasionally when loading a game like cyberpunk or assassins creed it will freeze totally and i will have no choice but to hold the power button to power off.

when i run realbench it stops after a few seconds and says unstable

when i run memtest86 no errors are found

when i run windows memory diagnostic no errors are found

I have updated my drivers both audio and video and rolled em back and updated em again

I have done two factory resets with and without updating drivers

I had my gpu plugged into my psu via one vga g3 cable and switched to 2 vga g3 cables to the psu but that did not change anything at all

I have reseated and replugged everything in my build except for the cpu and ssd

do i just start replacing parts or can i narrow it down somehow to the psu or the gpu ? could it possibly still be the cpu ? i been at it for hours now reading fourms and searching through other peoples problem im a bit tired im sure i missed a bunch of info but i will reply im new to toms hardware but gosh i need help. thank you for your time wading through my unintelligible frantic message. here is hoping haha :)
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Dec 23, 2020
What are you CPU and GPU temperatures like?
never over 50c nothing will run long enough for anything to get hot
i tried furmark today and superposition benchmark and both flick black screen and self close out the application before it can really run. im thinking its my gpu but i dont know how to narrow it down
Dec 23, 2020
GPU Shark v0.21.2
(C)2010-2020 Geeks3D -
  • Elapsed time: 00:05:28
  • GL memory - total:8192MB, usage:356MB
GPU 1 - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
  • GPU: TU106-400A (10DE-1F07)
  • Revision ID: A1
  • CUDA cores: 2304
  • Raytracing cores: 36
  • Tensor cores: 288
  • TMUs (Texture Mapping Units): 144
  • ROPs (Render Output Units): 64
  • GPU temp: 40.0°C / 104.0°F
  • Fan 1 speed: 0.0% / 0.0 RPM
  • Fan 2 speed: 0.0% / 0.0 RPM
  • Current clock speeds:
- Core: 300.0MHz
- FP32 perf: 1.4 TFLOPS
- Texture fillrate: 43.2 GTexel/sec
- Pixel fillrate: 19.2 GPixel/sec
- Mem: 405.0MHz
- Mem bandwidth: 25.9GB/s
- VDDC: 0.719V
- Usage:
- Core: 1.0%
- Mem: 4.3%
- Base clock speed:
- Core: 1410.0MHz
- FP32 perf: 6.5 TFLOPS
- Mem: 7001.0MHz
- Texture fillrate: 203.0 GTexel/s
- Pixel fillrate: 90.2 GPixel/s
- Boost clock speed:
- Core: 1755.0MHz
- FP32 perf: 8.1 TFLOPS
- Mem: 7001.0MHz
- Texture fillrate: 252.7 GTexel/s
- Pixel fillrate: 112.3 GPixel/s
- GPU power:
- Current power: 13.2% TDP
- Limiting policies (NVIDIA):
- GPU power limit reached
Dec 23, 2020
see the bottom where it says gpu power limit reached ? im just idling on my desktop blank is that what is <Mod Edit> up ?
it that status will flick from ( no limitation) to ( gpu power limit reached) every so often when running gpu shark ( gpu shark is just a moniter software i believe )
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Vic 40

There are new drivers, one is called a "studio driver" try that one , seems the more stable one without performance loss. Use the advanced options when installing and choose the clean install. Maybe this will help, just put this on one of my pc's, going to see for myself.