Question Screen freezes and usb devices lose power


Jul 12, 2016

Maybe someone has a little more insight as to what might cause this.

Yesterday I experienced something weird. My computer crashed (about 3 times total) after gaming for a few minutes. Weird thing is, the screen stays exactly as it was at the moment of the crash, so it just freezes. (No weird shapes or whatever.) Also noticed that my keyboard and mouse lights went off (Presumably because both completely lost power), and so did my GamingDAC from my steelseries headset.
I've never had this issue before. I bought a new monitor about a month ago, but i.m.o. if the monitor would be the issue then I should have noticed something a long time ago.

My Setup:
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz (Age about 5 years)
RAM: 32,0GB Dual-Channel Unknown @ 1503MHz (This is 4x8 Gb @ 3000MHz) (Age 2x8Gb about 5 years and 2x 8Gb about 1.5 years)
MOBO: MSI Z170A GAMING M5 (Age about 5 years)
GPU: 8176MB ATI AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (AS rock) (Age about 1 year.)
SSD: Samsung 850 evo 500 Gb SATA (Age about 5 years)
SSD: Samsung 860 evo 500 Gb SATA (Age about 2 years)
HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM006-2dm164 (Age about 5 years)
PSU: Corsair RM750x (Age about 5 years)
Monitor: iiyama g-master red eagle gb3466wqsu

Now I can think of a few things that might have caused the issue but I can't seem to pinpoint in exactly myself.

First of all I noticed the night before that my RAM was for some reason running at 2133 MHz or something close to that. I don't know why because I can remember setting the XMP profile on a long time ago which would have it running at 1503 MHz dual channel. I turned on the XMP settings that night and then shut down the computer. (I noticed all this because I had the feeling my computer was for some reason rather slow, for ex. taking some time to open a folder that contains quite a few video's, which normally happened rather instantly.)
The next day I defragmented all my memory drives. (2x SSD and 1x HDD), and used a program to remove the old Graphic drivers from my old NVIDIA Graphics card. (I switched quite a few months ago but never seemed to have bothered to remove the old drivers.)

Apart from these two things I can't seem to think of something that might cause the issue. Apart from maybe that when the pc crashed the first time I also got a message that the GPU Wattman settings had returned to default because of the unexpected shutdown. (But this wouldn't explain the first crash.)

Yesterday the pc crashed about 3 times (Every time after a few minutes of browsing/gaming/searching files) then I turned XMP off, and on again in the bios.
After this I updates my windows software, updated my GPU Drivers, last of which was only 1 version behind.

I ran Windows Memory checker to see if my RAM was having any issues which it didn't.
I ran Furmark, which showed no obvious problems either.
After that I ran the Intel Burn test which also showed no problems.
And I ran Prime95 for about half an hour, but this also didn't result in any problems or crashes that I can see.

After all these checks I started gaming again and didn't experience any crashes.
I hope the problem is solved now, which I will experience today. But does anyone have a clue what might have caused all this?
Was it the XMP profile that might have not turned on correctly? Or maybe a software issue? Or is some of my hardware just displaying some old age troubles and do I need to start thinking about replacing some parts?

(Small addition, the folder with video's that took a long time to load which I was talking about loads instantly when opening it today, took almost 30 seconds yesterday. )

Any help would be gladly appreciated!