Question Screen freezes, image corrupts and then black screen


Jun 28, 2016
PC specs:
Motherboard: Asus P9X79 PRO motherboard
RAM: DDR3 2133MHZ ddr3 4x4GB @ 1600MHZ
CPU: Intel E5-1650 v2 @ 4.2GHZ 1.19V
GPU: Asus gtx 1070 ti
256gb nvme ssd, 2tb hdd

I have had this system for about 2 years now and since the start, I've been having stability issues. It has come to the point where I just can't use my pc anymore as it crashes every hour, multiple times a day. It has already happened once today. What happens is that the screen freezes for a second, the image completely distorts and then there is just a black screen. The audio still plays for a minute or two, then it goes silent. I suspected it could be RAM, as I do have a an 'incompatible' set of sticks. I bought LED ram sticks from avexir, one set is for 2133mhz, the other 2400mhz. However after instability at 2133mhz I presumed it could have been the ram. I don't think it is, but it could be the ram itself. I tried reinstalling windows, didn't work. Maybe it could be the PSU? I have a 650w psu from corsair. I did suspect it could have been the gpu as well, I've observed that if i leave the pc on for a while, the screen looks like broken, as if the lcd is shattered and the liquid crystal has went all over the place. I checked with a program to see if they were artifacts, but they weren't. The monitor did get beat up in the postage and sometimes if i turn it off and on again, the left an right side are misaligned down the middle, the left or right half is above or below. The motherboard I bought for cheap as the seller said he was experiencing black screens. I know that motherboards are rarely the reason for a pc to have crashes, but in this case, it doesn't blue screen. It did a few months ago, but it was because the ram wasn't getting enough voltage at higher frequencies. At this point, what else can i troubleshoot? Should I get another set of ram, or a gpu? What else can i even try. My cpu is a pretty good one as it overclocks amazingly. Any advice would be appreciated.
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