Question Screen freezes, sometimes glitches, PC restarts or just blackscreen but PC still working, then doesn't recognize GPU until a few other restarts.

Jul 24, 2020
Screen freezes, sometimes glitches, PC restarts or just blackscreen but PC still working, then after restart it doesn't recognize GPU until a few other restarts.
I'm really going crazy cause I can't find out what the hell could be the problem.

I have bought a new motherboard, processor, RAM and SSD, this started happening after that.
Power Supply Unit: FSP Hyper 500W
Motherboard: MSI z390 Gaming Plus
Processor: Intel Core i9-9900KF
Graphic Card: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 TI
RAM: 2x 8GB Kingston HyperX Fury
SSD: Crucial MX500 250GB

What I have tried so far:

  • Update BIOS to newest version.
  • Install newest drivers, especially for the graphic card.
  • Bought an "Arctic" cooler for the brand new intel processor cause at the service they told me the CPU is heating up due to bad cooler, cause I did not get one with the CPU so I used an old one, which in the end did not fix my problem.
  • Bought this SSD card and reinstalled windows on it, cause the second time in the service they told me the SSD is failing so that's why I get these freezes which also did not fix my problem.
  • Tried with different monitor, different HDMI cables cause I mostly did not get display at all when I started the PC.
  • Tried to change RAM location, I even tried with only 1 RAM.
  • Getting the battery out of the motherboard for a whole night.
So I installed new windows 10 when I could boot it, i had no problem for 2 days, true that I did not play a lot. But now I played like 2 hours of Borderlands 3 which uses my GPU in 100%, then quit it, browse the web with firefox and suddenly the screen glitches and computer restarts, now in task manager the GPU tab is not there at all, which means it doesn't recognize it. but when I restart the PC a few more times, eventually it does get recognized but it will freeze again in a couple of minutes. When booting the PC i can see the VGA red light on the motherboard for a bit. I also noticed that the video card is a bit too hot when the PC freezes. We tried the video card in the service, but it was working there.

Please help me, what should I do? I'm really desperate after spending almost 1000 euro on new parts & service for my pc, and it still freezes.


I see 2 possible issues from what you've provided so far:

1)The psu.
That psu is several years old, likely not even Haswell Ready(sleep states). This is a poor match for modern hardware.
At the very least, replace it with something like a Cooler Master MWE Gold, Corsair CX550, or Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro - 550w or greater.

2)The combination of top tier cpu and low end motherboard.
The 9900K is no slouch on power, even at stock operation, and kicks the butts of low end boards; either overwhelming the VRMs or burning them up - not literally.
Simply put, you went too cheap on the motherboard. That's a board around 150USD. You should've been looking at the boards starting around the 200USD range.

Sudden restarts can corrupt Windows and other 3rd party drivers.
-Run a Windows system file scan
-Run Display Driver Uninstaller, and install the latest recommended driver package for that card from

If a GTX 1050Ti is overheating - 85C and up, then you've either got some really poor chassis airflow or the thermal paste on the card has dried up.
Jul 24, 2020
Hey man, thank you for your reply!
So today i have bought a new PSU, it's a Corsair VS 650, I have installed it in, I have the same problem. At the first start I have seen the HDMI writing on the screen and infinite blackscreen after that with the VGA debug light turned on. After the second restart it has booted in windows and it works now, the question is: until when?

I have ran the windows system scan, it has found some corrupted files and repaired them but my problem persists.
I cleaned the ventillators of the video card and got rid of all the dust in it.
So the last thing what I can do, is to buy a new motherboard, could you maybe help me selecting one that 100% sure will run this setup?