Question Screen glitching and flashing with RTX 2080 Super + BENQ 1440p display

Aug 16, 2020
I picked myself up a 1440p display the other day as my third monitor and now I'm getting tearing/glitches whenever my computer comes out of the sleep mode or when the monitor is woken up in any other way. The 1440p monitor is connected via display-port(No issues when using HDMI, no tearing, nothing.). I already exchanged the monitor, switched cables(Even when I switched the output of my display-port cables between the 144hz Benq XL2411P and my new Benq BL2420PT, the tearing persisted on the 2k display!). Maybe I should add that one of the three monitors is connected with HDMI and is positioned in portrait mode. I don't mind using HDMI for this monitor, but it is still worrying me.
Did a fresh install of my drivers, tried out the BENQ screen pilot driver, updated Windows; no help.

GPU works fine, ran furmark, using other devices such as an Oculus Rift S and a 144hz monitor, no issues whatsoever, even after long sessions and GPU temperatures of 70 degrees for 10 hours +.
The image I get on my screen, which flickers and flashes is making me wonder if this is a driver issue or an issue caused by the GPU
I'm running a Ryzen 7 3700x, with 32gb ddr4@3200mhz as well as RTX2080 Super on a 1000 Watt EVGA powersuply which is Bronze rated. Windows is running on a Samsung NVME drive.

I'd appreciate gladly if anybody could help me understand what's going on here. I might try to put my spouses GPU(gtx1660) in my computer tomorrow and see if I can reproduce the same issue.