Screen goes black and fan goes ballistic.


Oct 12, 2018
PC Build:
Intel Core i7 7700K
ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Turbo Edition 11GB
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD
be quiet! Straight Power 10 800W CM Power Supply
G.Skill Fortis F4-2133C15D-16GFT (2x8GB) Ryzen DDR4
ASUS Strix H270F Gaming Motherboard
Hydro Series H110i
not OCing anything.

All parts were bought on the 9/9/18
So my PC issues started on the 8/10/18(1 day prior to the 6 month mark) beginning with a BSOD while streaming Dark souls 2.
It completely froze on BSOD screen and the sound was stuttering so the only option I had was to hold the power button. I tried to power it back on thinking everything was ok only to have the PC's internal lights turn on but none of the peripherals including the screen,mouse and keyboard would have power or signal. I opened the PC case and after looking for the problem found that the SATA cable was disconnected to the liquid cooling unit which is connected to my CPU(my only explanation of how it got disconnected is that I either have a ghost or someone broke in only to disconnect that cable).

I reconnected the SATA cable and the PC booted again and looked like it was working, I also plugged in the USB header cable which I neglected to do on the first installation as I had the option to either plug that in or have my front USB ports plugged into the MOBO (not enough space for both). I also used the opportunity of having my case open to use canned air to clean out majority of the dust.

I set my PC back up on my desk only to find that now it won't boot again. This time I notice a light on the MOBO which indicated there was a DRAM problem. Previous to all these issues my 2 sticks of ram were plugged into slots 2 and 4 (was the only combination that worked at time of installation). I start to troubleshoot again and figure out that the only way the computer will boot is if I have 1 stick in slot 2, I tested both sticks in the same slot and they both booted fine which makes me believe that the RAM sticks are fine. Now I'm left with 8gig of RAM but atleast the PC is booting now.

A day goes by and i'm playing Runescape with maybe 2 or 3 chrome tabs open(Relatively small load compared to what is normally running) and the screens suddenly turned off and an unidentified fan (most likely GPU) cranks up to jet speeds. At this point I could still hear sound playing through my headphones but screens were dead and PC sounded like a leaf blower. Again my only foreseeable option was to power off with a long hold on the power button. I boot the computer and it was like nothing happened. I hoped this was a one time issue but wishful thinking didn't stop the problem unfortunately. This issue of screens turning black is now happening almost routinely when just searching the web/playing Runescape every couple of hours.

After trying to solve this problem myself by looking at other threads I'm left completely confused and frustrated with no other option but to type out basically a short story of my own personal experience.

Is there a way to test what part is causing this malfunction so I can get a warranty/replace that part?
Also am I causing damage to any parts by trying to use the computer while these issues are still happening? (for the record I have since unplugged the computer and am waiting for a solution before I cause permanent damage to the GPU etc).

Thank you for those who even read this whole thing and thank you in advanced to those who will try to assist me in solving this frustrating situation.

P.S. Technology problems like these make me want to burn my house down and go live a life like the dude on youtube; Primitive Technologies.


The only way to test the parts is to swap things out with known good parts. And even then you need to be certain you are doing the setup properly. Often we see people try 6 different things only to go back to step 1 and discover they forgot a plug or connected something in the wrong spot. Whatever part had the high speed fan running is the most likely thing to test first. Reset BIOS to defaults, basically re-do the system, make sure everything is setup properly could be an issue with heat if the cooling setup was not done well.
Jul 23, 2019
Ok this might be late but maybe other people can see this. If you have sleeved cables then try to disconnect them and put in the raw cables from the psu to the gpu. This will work 90% i hope it helps