Question Screen goes black and GPU fans ramp up ?


Feb 9, 2020
8x2 Corsair LPX 3600mhz (clocked at 3200mhz)
1TB WD nvme ssd.
PSU: Cooler Master Extreme 725W (not even bronze)

I run my GPU at 120%, max temp limit, +120 core and +400 on memory.
I get very good temperatures in stress tests and gaming, rarely go above 70c.
My cpu also gets good temperatures in the low 60s.

I've been using these settings for 4 months without a problem. Today for whatever reason it started crashing, screen goes black and fans ramp up. I rebooted a few times, re seated and cleaned the gpu, still does it.

Could it be the PSU kicking the bucket or can it still be my GPU?
I don't have spare parts to try out in order to rule out hardware and I would want to avoid purchasing another PSU unless I'm sure it's the problem.

I reapplied thermal paste on the GPU but it still crashes.
Even when I revert my OC settings to stock, it doesn't matter what I do, still crashes. I even removed the drivers with DDU and reinstalled them, I also tried older drivers.

It only happens when I play games, it never happens at idle.

I don't know what to think anymore. My temperatures are very good too. This problem happened out of nowhere as it was good for months.

UPDATE: I'm testing it with heaven benchmark and it does the same thing even at stock settings. I'm currently testing it with -400 core and -500 memory as well as 50% power draw to see what happens. I will update this post.

UPDATE 2: Trying with the power draw set to 70% the screen turns pink but heaven keeps running, however I can't controll the PC and I have to manually shut it down.

UPDATE 3: I used another 6+2 pins connector from the same end of the cables and that fixed it. I can run heaven with my usual OC and it doesn't crash anymore. I will keep testing with games and keep this post updated.
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