Question *** Screen goes black / No signal message on monitor ***

Oct 23, 2020
* Screen goes black / No signal message on monitor *

So my PC has just crashed a few times. Sometimes reboots after waiting an hour but usually not. Monitor say 'No Signal'
Even if it does reboot normally - on occasion - it then turns straight off again after 2 minutes at best.
I've removed dust from inside (a fair bit) and ensured the RAM cards are in place etc.

PC is an AMD Radeon Quad Core HDMI 3.80 GHz x4 A10 5800K 8GB 1tb desktop gaming PC
PSU issue? PC is about 8 years old... PSU is pretty standard ATX 500w

Thanks :) Dan
I would put money on it but a PSU is a lot cheaper than a GPU and from my experience PSU's die fairly often the capacitors go after a while even on the best makes of PSU so an 8year old PSU is defiantly due for replacement in my book most only do about 5 years.