Screen goes black.. Power button is completely unresponsive... have to hard reset.

Feb 21, 2018
Screen will go black randomly and nothing wakes it up (Sometimes im gaming, sometimes im doing nothing at all). PC appears to still be on but the weird thing is that the power button on the tower is no longer responsive and I have to hard reset it from the back to get it working again.

Things i've tried

- All sleep/hibernation settings are disabled.
- Memtest, Aida & cinebench have all been run for hours. (Memtest overnight).
- Reinstall GPU drivers with DDU
- Recently reset all overclocks to defaut.

Monitor - Samsung cfg70

Mobo - Asrock Ab350 Pro 4

CPU - Ryzen 1600

GPU - Geforce 1080

SDD - Crucial m200

Ram - Corsair Vengeance 16gb

PSU - Evga g3
Jan 23, 2019
Mine does this. I have a asus rog strix x470-f. I have two of them. One has a 2700x and the other a 1200x ryzen. One has a gtx 970 and the other a gtx 1070Ti. Both have completely different RAM brands. One has a wifi card and the other does not. One has a nvme drive and the other SATA. Different power supplies. The only common element here is the motherboard but it is unlikely both are defective. I blame Windows or driver faults but since the error log as you said gives me absolutely nothing, it's been impossible to diagnose. Any help would be appreciated.