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Jun 16, 2020
Hey all, I’ve just recently built a new pc (first build) and I’m running into problems. Initially I thought I was only having this problem while playing Risk of Rain 2 but recently I was playing Valorant and it happened. My monitor goes black mid game and I get the “No signal from Display Port” message. I can still hear all of the audio coming from the game and the other applications I have opened. I have not tried the reset drivers shortcut on Windows, next time I will. My temperatures are fine on both my CPU and GPU whilst gaming. I have been running the “Heaven” benchmark test for quite some time now and the pc has yet to black screen.

I have already tried using DDU to uninstall drivers and revert to an older NVIDIA Driver but the problem still persisted.

My build is as follows:
16GB Ram (G Skillz 2x 8GB)
x570 MSI Unify MoBo
Corsair RM650x PSU
MSI Super Ventus RTX 2070 Super GPU
500GB Corsair MP600 500GB NVMe2 SSD
Ryzen 3700x CPU

I have 3 case fans and the stock AMD Wraith CPU cooler.

I can post any other screenshots of specs or whatever anyone might need on request. If I need to download some programs to see what is causing the crashes I am open to that too. I’m pretty technologically adept but I don’t know who to turn to with this problem. I really don’t see it being a hardware problem but who knows, maybe I’m wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks everyone. P.S. I know this is a tired topic but none of the googling I’ve been doing has helped me. I need community help, I apologize in advance. Posted here because I’m guessing it’s a problem with my GPU and the software it’s interacting with?