Question Screen goes to blank randomly, when alt-tabbing from games or when open files that require administrator confirmation. Is my GPU dying?


Oct 1, 2018
A few days ago when I was playing Dota 2, the screen randomly flicked to a blank grey screen but there was still audio from Youtube playing, keyboard still working (num lock/caps lock/scroll lock could still be turned on/off,...). I have to do a hard reset for things to get to normal. After restarting, it seem to work fine, Dota 2 started but after alt-tabing or randomly, the PC went to a blank screen again.

I've tried booting into safemode and it would randomly go to the blank screen. It might not have been overheating because it went to the blank screen once when I was monitoring GPU temperature in MSI Afterburner and it was around 35-36°C.

I don't overclock any component and didn't do any updating recently. The PC've been working fine since I bought the PSU 3 years ago.


ASRock Z370 pro4
Intel core I5-9400f with after market cooler
NVidia 960 Strix 2Gb
8Gb x 2 Kingston Hyperx Fury black RAM
Corsair VS500 PSU
1x1Tb WD blue HDD
1x120Gb Crucial BX500 SSD (boot drive)