Question Screen randomly freezes when playing games, requires hard reset

Dec 29, 2020
So I've had this issue for a while now where I would start playing a game and out of nowhere (sometimes it takes 2 minutes and sometimes I can play several hours) the screen freezes and I can't do anything except hard reset my pc. The temperature of the GPU goes up to 81C max. I'll provide all the details of my PC I just have to find where I wrote them down. My PC is about 1,5 years old and this issue wasn't happening when I got it but now it's very frequent. Also the sound still countinues but it sounds very robotic and distorted. As I said I will provide the details of my PC but right now I'm thinking maybe it's the PSU or the motherboard. Any suggestions for what I should do or try to replace first? Or where can I find information or logs about these freezes that the PC might have recorded?