Question Screen randomly turns black, peripherals turn off, but all the RGB in my case stays lit up.

Jan 13, 2022
Hi Tom,

Over the past year, about once every other week my PC will randomly seem to turn off but with some added strange behavior. By turn off, what I really mean is that the screen turns black, my monitor does not recognize any device any more, my keyboard and mouse turn off, as well as anything else I might have plugged in, but my CPU fan and lights stay on. The fan also has an audibly weird pattern to its motor when this happens, it kind of sounds like a car changing gears over and over, the rpm will steadily go up, then drop, and repeat. If you graphed the rpm of the fan, it would look like a wave pattern with a steeper drop than rise.

I am not aware of anything that seems to make this happen. It will happen when I'm gaming, when I'm writing an email, in a work meeting, or if I'm watching YouTube. The only patterns I know of is that it happens about once every other week for about 10 months.

When this happens, I am able to hold the power button to force it to turn off, and then it turns back on just fine with no errors or safe mode prompt. There is never any blue screen during this whole process. The only errors I get are from chrome telling me that it did not shut down correctly.

Does any one know of what could be causing this, or have any ideas on how I could diagnose the problem?

Here are my specs:
AMD Ryzen 2700x
32g Trident Z 3200mhz
Samsung 970 evo ssd
ASUS X570-P Motherboard
Jan 13, 2022
Hi there! In my opinion the issues might be your PSU or your motherboard. What PSU are you using, and whats the max output? Also how long have you been using your PSU? Since your fans and case’ RGB is still running when the problem occurs then it might not be the motherboard, but still if something is wrong with ur PSU it will also affect your motherboard And the components plugged into it (peripherals and display)