Screen resolution


Jul 7, 2010
Hello,I cannot change my screen resolution. It went bad this moring all of a sudden. I already went to Control Panel, then adjusted arrow, but nothing happens.


May 21, 2010
Also, take a look at this!
The biggest change to screen resolution in Vista is that not all resolutions are displayed by default. Vista simply displays the resolution it thinks will be suitable for your monitor. This is based upon the assumption that the monitor size determines screen resolution as follows:

* 15 Inch Monitor Resolution 1024x768
* 17-19 Inch monitor Resolution 1280x1024
* 20+ Inch Monitor Resolution 1600x1200

While you can slightly alter these resolution - downwards rather than upwards - in order to increase the resolution above these figures you need to change a few settings.

1/ Right click on the desktop.

2/ From the drop down menu
click Personalize.

3/ In the Personalize window click the Display Settings link.

4/ To reduce the screen resolution adjust the slider until the desired resolution shows.

5/ If you wish to increase the resolution above the default; and you must remember that your monitor must support this new resolution, then click the Advanced Settings button.

6/ In the Advanced Settings window click the Monitor Tab. In the monitor tab window remove the tick mark from the 'hide modes that this monitor cannot display', then click Apply followed by OK.

7/ An extended display resolution range should now be available on the Monitor tab. All you need do now is slide the resolution slider up to your desired resolution and then click OK.


I hope this helps!

Brett M,
Windows Outreach Team