Question Screen suddenly dimmed to almost pitch black, have no idea how to fix.

Oct 3, 2020

A weird thing happened to me last night, and I still can't seem to be able to fix this issue. I was just chilling, doing my thing when my screen suddenly went a bit dim. Didn't think too much of it and moved on. Fast forward a couple of hours later and it dims even more. Now I have a barely monitor that barely shows anything and I've no idea what to do about it. I haven't touched any settings or anything and this is the first time it has happened in years of using the screen.

Now, I will say that is a pretty old screen. It's a SAMSUNG SyncMaster 943SN, so it might just be finishing its course, but I would love to see if there's anything to be done. Brightness is on max, I've tried everything from resetting the settings to default, to messing with every individual setting and nothing seems to be working. I am convinced it's hardware issue, because my other screen is working just fine under the same conditions.

Would love to know if there's any fix to this situation since I can't really afford any new screens at the moment and using 2 screens has become too convenient to go back to using only one, so any help in solving this issue would be very appreciated.