Question screen tearing issue


Sep 3, 2021
Laptop Legion 5, RTX2060, AMD Ryzen 5 4600H, 144hz
so I was playing Ace Combat 7, one cutscene has consistent screen tearing,
from the tests I did, Fullscreen capped at 120fps, 144fps, and uncapped (500fps) all had screen tearing at the same general spot but off by a bit.
Using Vsync of course fixed it,
however, when i went to Borderless Windowed with Vsync off, it also fixed it
is this normal? and is it the fault of the game, gpu, or monitor?
I've played other games but have never experienced this, or at least this noticable.
Are there any solutions to fix the issue machine wide (all games/features) other than Vsync
There's nothing you can do outside of either running it in a borderless window or with Vsync enabled. The former is better though, as it forces triple buffering and V-sync (this is a Windows thing), which allows your video card to render at whatever speed it can muster and V-Sync will grab the last frame rendered.