Screen tearing on Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2, other games


Aug 1, 2012
So, heres my problem, i recently got a new gaming rig for 800$ and these are the specs.
MSI R7770 OC 1gb DDR5
8 GB ram
AMD FX 6100 processor

anyways, i have been having some screen tearing problems in some pc games, like Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Dead space 2, Sonic generations, just to name a few, i have tried using the catalyst panel to force v sync on and try a few other things, but i cannot fix this screen tearing? could anyone help me out with this? the screen tearing isnt too bad but its noticeable to be a burden.
turn it off in ccc panel (application controlled) update your drivers to 12.4 minimum
go into the gasme and enable it there. only if its not available do you enable it outside the game...
there is a trick you can use with ati cards and thats if the game doesnt use a laucher but runs directly from an icon... go to the games install folder and rename it to ut3.exe
do the same in the games icon... and force vsnc and or aa x2 or 4 what ever you need on in the cccpanel and all of a sudden games that didnt allow aa or it didnt work from inside the game can have it... me1-2-3 can all use this tip... as can a fair number of other games.