Question Screen tearing on second monitor

Feb 22, 2023
I have a Gigabyte G5 laptop (144 hz) with RTX 3060 which I am using with a BENQ 60HZ monitor. In some games (Total War Warhammer III, Pharaoh: A New Era) I am having terrible screen tearing even though I have my VSYNC set to ON.

I tried different approaches:
  • VSYNC ON in-game, OFF in NVIDIA Control Panel
  • VSYNC OFF in-game, ON in NVIDIA Control Panel
  • Both ON
The problem does not happen on the laptop display (even if I limit the FPS to 60 on this display), only on the second monitor. My second monitor does not have GSYNC as far as I am aware.

Any help is appreciated.


Dec 19, 2017
Have you tried a different cable to connect the monitor? Are you using HDMI or Display Port? Is the cable excessively long, or old?

If HDMI, you should be using a 2.0 cable, if you aren't already. No longer than 10 feet if possible.