Question Screen Tearing with G-Sync/Freesync under monior refresh rate? Why?


Jan 24, 2019
I have the LG UD59 freesync ultra hd monitor and an nvidia gtx 1070.

I'm connected with display port and have enabled G-sync in the nvidia control panel. I have run testing using the nvidia pendulum gysnc demo which I downloaded.

Here's the results:

Vsync On: around 1 stutter per second, input lag, and my framerate hitcches down to 30fps. (horrible)

Vsync off: Screen tearing (not ideal)

Gsync on: ZERO stuttering, extremely smooth gameplay, my framerate stays in the 50s now instead of vsync bringing me all the way down to 30. HOWEVER

... I still have screen tearing!!!

Before you say it I have already locked my frame rate below the monitors refresh rate. Screen tearing with gsync happens at all framerates and refresh rates.

80-90% of the screen tearing with gsync is isolated to the very bottom of the screen where it isn't noticeable in normal gameplay. However the remaining 10-20% of the time I will see a few tears go through the whole display.

The tars are sparse but noticeable in some games there are alot of tears and other there are almost none.

This is apparently a common issue even among people with gsync monitors or proper displays. And the fix every one says is to enable vsync also.

Well... While Enabling vsync and gsync together does work in my tests for the screen tearing but it creates new problems. Input lag and severe stuttering and my framerate is again brought down to 30 if the gpu cant maintain 60.

What is the solution here?

what are your thoughts?