Question Screen too dark and blur after installing new GPU

May 11, 2019
Hello there,

I am having problems with my monitor (Samsung C24F390FHU) being too dark and blurry after installing my new GPU (ASRock RX 570 8GB). My previous GPU was the AMD R7 360 and worked fine until it no longer transmited signal to my monitor (and I bought a new monitor thinking that this was causing the problem) but it turned out to be faulty and when it worked the colors were a bit faded but not noticable enough for it to be bothering me.

So back to the GPU now, I tried installing the drivers from AMD but it still does the same (I also tried from the CD which is a previous version) but still the problem remains. I also tried lowering my monitor resolution to a lower one but nothing happened. I have also tried connecting a TV as monitor (which has a resolution of 1366x768 max) and worked fine with no issue whatsoever, so it's not the cable either. I also tried an HDMI to DVI connector in order to try the GPU's DVI display in case the HDMI had an issue but still nothing. And i have also tried messing with he CCC and screen brightness-contrast and it does not improve it

It might be my monitor but the thing is that it works perfectly fine with my CPU graphics (Intel i3-6100 Graphics) and also because the monitor is relatively new and still under warranty, I had it sent to the service center in order to be checked (because of the problems with my old GPU and before i bought the new one) and they told me that there is nothing wrong with it.

I do not have a VGA to DVI-D adapter to try the VGA connection with my monitor (my previous GPU had a DVI-I port so the adapter does not fit to the new GPU)

If you could shine a light to the case I would be grateful because it clearly pisses me off because I bought a new monitor and a new GPU not only because of that but also to upgrade my PC and for it to run smoother on games but now I can't enjoy it because of these issues