Question Screen turning off while playing games


Dec 8, 2012
My computer just recently (within the last 2 days) started having this issue where, while playing a game, the screen will go black, and then my monitor will say "no signal" before going to sleep. The computer is still running, I can hear audio, although people in discord cannot hear my respond, the game still runs. In order to fix this I have to completely shut down my computer. My GPU is an Nvidia RTX 2060 SUPER, my drivers are up to date, the PSU is 800 watt. I have had this computer build for more than a year and never had this issue, it started two days ago while playing Baldurs Gate Three which is in early access and very buggy, I thought it was just the game causing it until I went to go play something else and it started happening. The issue seems to occur randomly, sometimes I can play a game for several hours without issues and other times it happens 5 minutes into the same game. I tried watching my GPU while i was playing to make sure its not overheating, but it seemed fine; of course its difficult to notice if its getting too hot before my screen goes out though. Im not even sure how to diagnose what's causing this let alone how to fix it. So far it has happened ONLY while playing games, but it seems to happen equally regardless of how graphicly taxing the game is...