[SOLVED] screen turns black and freezes then when I reset I get a graphics driver corruption BSOD. Cannot seem to fix it.

Jun 4, 2019
Sup all, Back in like 2014 I built a nice little pc with an 860k, r7 370, and 8 gigs of ram. Since then it has served me faithfully everyday and performed well on every game i have tasked it with. Recently, I decided to open it up finally, clean some dust out, install some better fans, a new cpu cooler, and do some better cable management. After this, when i booted up a game, after a couple minutes the screen turned into some weird distorted lines that were kinda the same color as the background of the game and there was a loud buzzing noise in my headphones. This only lasted a few seconds before it went back to normal. This happened a few more times over the next couple of days until one time where it happened but wouldn't go away. I let it sit for a few hours and then tried to turn my computer off. It was completely unresponsive to the power button, so i just turned off the power supply. When I tried to turn it back on i got a blue screen of death and an error message "bootres.dlll is corrupt" or something like that. I tried all the troubleshooting options like system restore, reset, startup repair, and even some command prompt shit i found when i googled the error message. Nothing worked, so I reinstalled windows. After I had reinstalled windows it seemed to work perfectly for awhile. Until I was installing GTA V and left my computer alone for a little bit. When I came back It had gotten the exact same distorted line screen as before, but I was able to turn it off normally. Upon turning it back on, i got another bsod with the error message "video tdr failure atikmpag.sys" startup repair, system restore, and all that stuff wouldnt work, but i was able to boot it in safe mode. I tried to reinstall the graphics drivers in safe mode, but it wouldnt let me cause of driver signature enforcement. After I removed the graphics drivers in safe mode, it would boot in regular mode normally but after a few minutes, always before i could install the graphics drivers the screen would just turn black. It would still be on, just rendered black. I let it sit like this for hours, but with no change. after i turned off my pc, i got the exact same bsod and error message, and when I got back into safe mode it would once again have the graphics drivers installed. Same deal with driver signature enforcement disabled. I tried about five hundred times to get the graphics drivers installed but the screen would always go black before i could get it done. After a while. I came to the conclusion that maybe after i put in the fans and cpu cooler, it wasn't getting enough power since I only had a 430w psu. So today I went out and got myself a 650w psu. when I booted it up NOTHING HAD CHANGED exact same problem. At this point im worried that maybe i man handled my gpu too much and maybe messed up one of the little deals on it. Should I get a new graphics card? I have no other ideas to fix it. What would be a good equivalent to an r7 370? Is there any other possible way I can fix this issue?Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
Aug 8, 2019
You could try diagnosing your RAM; use memtest86 or the windows memory diagnostics. Sometimes RAM could be the culprit of black screen and BSOD's

Since you only have one, it could be (could be) faulty since you mentioned you experienced some freezing and unresponsive to power. Try inserting another RAM to check.

Is your Graphics Card Overclocked?

please see this guide so you can track the error of BSOD https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/handy-details-to-include-in-blue-screen-of-death-posts.3468965/
then install BlueScreenView from nirsoft to read the dump file.
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