Question Screen turns black but PC is still on (without any response)

Feb 15, 2023
As in the title, my screens goes black but the PC is still powered. The only way to turn off my PC is to manually cut it from power.

Nice Nicer

May 24, 2021
Does this happen when you try to shut it down completely ? I tend towards blaming the PSU , because I had almost the same problem with a very cheap one about 4 years ago.
A power supply not being able to supply enough voltage to the graphics card or the graphics card itself going out could be the issue.

The Chieftec GPS-600A8 power supply only has an 80+ rating which means it just barely meets the qualification of being a functional power supply.

If you end up having to replace the power supply I would recommend going with something with an 80+ Gold or higher rating, such as the Corsair RM650.

A dying power supply can take other other parts or even the entire computer down with it.

I would start with testing/replacing the power supply and moving on to the graphics card after you have ruled the power supply out.

I would still keep the new power supply even if it does end up being a faulty Geforce 950 .... my Geforce 970 died on me last year :(