Question Screen turns white at restart


Jul 17, 2016
So everytime I restart my laptop the screen turns white with strobes and then goes back to normal. This only happens before the BIOS screen. And it happens too when I boot up from hibernate whenever I forget to unplug it before.
It started happening after I plugged in what I think is a broken flash drive (I didn't know it was before doing this). It wouldn't safely remove so I put the laptop on hibernate but I didn't unplug the flash drive still. When I turned it on again it said "Remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart" I didn't restart it (I had unsaved files) I just put it on hibernate again then unplugged the flash drive and then it was fine. But after that the screen started strobing white at every restart or when I wake it up from hibernate. It doesn't happen when it's a fresh start up or from sleep mode.
I think it's been over a month. I haven't tried plugging in a flash drive still.
And I've also done a full system scan and also scanned it with Malwarebytes. Nothing's wrong. I've also done an sfcscannow and it said it was fine.
Should I scan it on safe mode?
I've just been avoiding restarting it at this point. (And manually putting it to sleep - which I always forget.)
(I don't know if it's connected but most times it won't go to sleep mode, automatically hibernate or just plain screen time out at all? I'm not sure if it's a 1903 bug.)
Is this a hardware problem? Is it my laptop screen? Is it okay to plug in a flash drive or external hd now? Do you guys have any advice on how I can try to fix this?
Thank you! 🙂🙂
(I'm sorry this is such a long post)