Question Screen waving/tearing without V-sync

Sep 9, 2019
Hello there!

So, im having this problem for the first time in my life. My screen is "waving" after my PC hits more than 60FPS. This doesnt make any sence to me, because ive builded many PCs and i havent ever faced this problem before. Some people say this is because i have 60Hz monitor, but i refuse to belive that, because as i said; This is the first time with my PC and monitor. Also my brother has PC with 60Hz screen and he can just take V-sync off and play with unlimited FPS without any "waving". I have tried different monitors, cables and graphics cards, but no. Id just like to play games with unlimited FPS.



GTX 680

Asus P6X58D-E


500W PSU


Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

HP LE2201w (1680x1050@60Hz) VGA on monitor DVI on PC

Thank you in advance!



Not exactly sure what you are describing.

Frame tears are just the boundary between two frames when you don't have syncing on and if your refresh rate differs from your FPS output. At 60hz at 60 FPS it would display perfectly. That is more or less what V-sync gets you. (Though it is slightly more complex)

If you say run 180FPS at 60hz you should see two to three 'tears' per refresh cycle. With syncing completely off the monitor just draws whatever is in the frame buffer at the beginning of its cycle. If the GPU overwrites that frame, it continues drawing. At that point the pixels may shift over enough to be noticeable. If this happens to land in the central area of the screen repeatedly it can look pretty bad. Particularly in fast paced games where you turn around rapidly, or there are lots of patterns on the screen.

The key is to adjust your graphics settings so the average FPS doesn't result in the tears landing in the middle of the screen.

If you are experiencing something else you will have to do a better job of describing it, or try and photograph or record it.