Question Screen won't turn on after LCD replacement


Sep 12, 2017
I havea HP laptop 15-r210dx that I've replaced the screen on and the screen won't power on.

I've plugged the pc into a HDMI port and saw that it is running and at my desktop, yet the lcd itself is just black.

I messed up a bit, I was putting in the new lcd about a week ago and the 30pin connection slipped. It sparked a lil bit even though the battery was out and it slightly bent the edge of the old LCD connection. After this happened I couldn't get either LCD screen to power on. I figured I messed up the cable so I replaced the 30 pin cable with a new one and still can't get my screen to power on.

I have also tried a hard reset.

Have I fried my motherboard or something? Thanks

I have a 3rd old laptop, I removed the screen out of it and connected it and it lights up white. Its the wrong screen but at least I know theres power to the cable now. I'm starting to think my new lcd is bad. What do you think?
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