Screw stuck in motherboard


Jun 29, 2017

Recently I purchased a 500gb M.2 SSD.
I opened my desktop case and removed the GPU in order to place the m.2 SSD.

I noticed a screw already placed in one of the three holes where I needed to put a screw, in order to tighten the M.2 SSD so it won't automatically jump back up. (Check the picture down below to see what I mean). It is a really tiny screw which I needed specific tiny tools for which I luckily have. So I head on and tried to gently unscrew the *already placed screw* but while doing so the bottom part of the screw broke off and is now stuck in the one and only hole where I can attach the M.2 SSD. I put the head of the screw in a bag just in case, but I wont be able to unscrew it like this.

I tried contacting MSI since I have a MSI Godlike Gaming X99A motherboard, they told me to contact the store from where I bought the motherboard and they simply tell me to contact the motherboard manufacturer. This will go on for ever.

How can I possibly fix this issue? I mean I can live without a M.2 SSD but would prefer to find a solution in order to fix this.

Here you can see where the bottom part of the screw stuck in one of the three holes.

Thanks in advance.


Basically, you're screwed. There's no way you can use a screw remover tool or drill it out w/o damaging the board. Your only recourse is to either return the board to the retailer, or do the RMA thing with MSI... if you want to keep that board. Or replace the long M.2 drive with a shorter one.

One thought did come to mind... Is there anything directly on the backside of the board where that screw hole is? If not, and you want to cast chance to the wind, you may be able to get a tiny drill of the right size for the tiny screw and bore through the screw and hole to remove it. You'll have to come up with a tiny tap that size to re-thread the hole, but it might be doable. But I personally wouldn't.