Screwed my best friend's PC trying to reseat RAM, suspected motherboard issue

Dec 8, 2018
So my friend was having some problems with his PC, and he has been for a while. Most notably his computer seems to be having some sort of problem with his RAM usage, showing like 86% memory usage with only about 4 gigs being used when he has 8 gigs of RAM. He also had an issue with the headphone jack on his case not working so I agreed to look inside his case for any obvious issues like a loose connection or something.

So we open the case up, lay it down on its side, I pull out my anti-static wristband and attach it to a metal part of the case. The cables connecting the case ports look fine, so we never did figure out what was wrong with them. Then I decided to reseat his RAM in the hopes of maybe fixing his RAM problem. I took both sticks out and switched their positions, and I THOUGHT that I properly inserted them, I heard and felt a click when I was pressing both back into the motherboard. We put the panel back on and wire everything back up. Then comes the worst nightmare for someone in my position: his computer boots, doesn't output a signal to his monitor, and then shuts off after about 20 seconds and then restarts... over and over, not outputting a signal I switched the RAM back to their original position and hoped for the best, but nope, nothing.

All fans were running (GPU/CPU), the motherboard has some built-in LEDs that were lighting up, and everything seemed alright on the surface. It seems like a motherboard issue but I honestly don't know. I'm not an expert, just a guy who builds computers for fun every now and then.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should mention, he's had this computer for about 3 years, he bought it prebuilt from IBP. It's been running no problem since then besides the RAM and headphone jack issue.
Nov 14, 2018
Did you maybe flip some of the connections up? Like accidentally did something you weren't supposed to? Also USAFret beautiful profile picture.