Screwed over by Gigabyte with my Aero15

Feb 28, 2018
Just thought I'd share my experience so no one else touches this garbage company.

Purchased a new Aero 15 laptop a few months back. RAM died a few weeks in. Ok... Replaced it on my own because I hate RMA's and don't have time to send it out ($230). Fast forward a few months, it no longer holds more than an 80% charge. Ok. Now it's RMA time. Luckily I have a work laptop for backup now, so downtime is ok.

So I try to set up an RMA, and that process on it's own takes me about a month. Mostly they just ignored me until I posted on their own forum asking why they are ignoring me. Finally they OK it. I ship it out ($50, but whatever, I expect to pay shipping). They fix it in a week, and send it back with UPS. I thought my nightmare was over, and even thought "wow, quick repair".

I get it back today and get a nice $202.06 customs bill from UPS. For a product originally PURCHASED in Canada. So I've now paid double taxes on it, in addition to fees just to have an item RETURNED. Some dummy at Gigabyte forgot to mark this as a return or something maybe? So I email them. They actually get back to me super fast this time and say "yeah, we don't care, that's not our problem".

What kind of trash company is this?

So I paid $2400 for this laptop. Had it for a few months. And sofar I've put $482.06 into this laptop, just trying to have a BRAND NEW laptop that works.

Oh and to top it all off, they left marks in the frame from where they pried it open. Nice.

If you're considering buying from Gigabyte, I suggest you stay far away. There's far better for comparable prices that have customer service that don't want to screw you over.