Screwed up 10x CD-RW disc



Today I was trying to copy protect some CD's and I tried the copy protection writing the data into the CD-RW 10x disc which came with my Plextor 12/10/32.

Now I can only read the disc from CD-ROM drives, and CD-RW writers will just try to read it without any success. There is no way to erase the CD-RW, I have tried it with my Plextor, with a Philips CDD3610 and with a Creative 8/4/32.

What can I do? Any idea?

It's my only 10x CD-RW and they are difficult to get in Spain and they cost about 3,5 US $ each, and I am a student, I just get money from my parents, I don't want to spend it on rewritable media.