Question Scrollbar randomly jumps up and down when scrolling ?


Oct 9, 2020
When scrolling Up, it jumps down by 1 or 2 lines to Down and vice versa, at first I lowered "how many lines to scroll each time" (didn't work)
then I thought It's my mouse scrollbar being broken, so I just went off & bought another mouse, but problem persisted, then I plugged my old one into my laptop & it worked as intended, which made it very frustrating.

Even when I've scrolled All the way to the bottom of page, if I keep scrolling, it just Jumps up by 1 or 2 lines Anyway, it happens very randomly & very often.
It's not line at each 10 scroll it happens, I measured several times, It's absolutely random, sometimes every 4, sometimes every 6 or 10 or 15, but it does happen very often & It's pissing me off.
It all started after I Completely Re-installed Windows 10 OS, I'm currently on 21H1 Update

It's utterly shattering my mind, It's Extremely painful to scroll in pages
Thanks for reading.