SCSI Hard Drive problem in Windows 98



I have a Tekram DC390U3W Ultra 160 Controller. I have upgraded the bios and drivers. I have a Quantum 10K 18.2 gb drive. I installed the drive on my Windows 98 machine so I could use it for various video editing stuff. The drive didn't show up in "My Computer" So I went in and clicked the "removable" box under Drive Properties to see if that would do anything. Well, the drive showed up, but when I formatted it, it would only format 8.302gb of the drive. I know the drive is not faulty one, this is the second drive I've bought that does this. It has to be something within windows 98 or the controller, I'm not sure..... but its really annoying. Any help would be appreciated.


Dec 31, 2007
I agree...sounds like you have some messed up settings. I know in my Adaptec Scsi ultra-160 controller card i have the option of formating in my scsi card bios. 9 times outa 10 you have to format in there first. OR atleast with my controller card. You might wanna look for it. Plus try reading those manuals ;o)

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